Step 7: Finish the Project

after its properly sanded wipe it down with mineral spirits to see if you have any glue spots and to wipe off all the dust.
I finished this piece with Minwax tung oil finish and spray on Water based Polycrylic.
after the finish is done curing you can use a past wax to help the trays sliding and screw the top try in place.
and what you have is a fancy shmancy in-box.

Thanks for looking!
<p>That looks really nice, Great job!</p><p>REALLY REALLY REALLY!</p>
Thank you, thank you and thank you again!
<p>Quality designs in this magazine. If you like this project, you might consider subscribing.</p>
<p>should probably remove this post as it may infringe on copyright law....</p><p>And yes, back in the day their magazine was an excellent buy for woodworkers but as of the past few years, it absolutely sucks.... It's deffinately not the same magazine it used to be...</p>
when the magazine complains, instructables can manage the images. It's not the full article, it's cited, and I suggest that any woodworking project MUST have dimensions to be complete.
That's beautiful! At my house there would be a cat in the upper basket =^..^=
thank you<br>
Thanks, and Ill keep that in mind.<br>
Its great, dont take any criticism! Take your talent and embrace it as im sure you are.
Thanks. ;)<br>
Gorgeous! You should definitely enter this in both the 'Holiday Gifts' and 'Shopbot' contests. One comment on the picture...the lamp and candle draw some attention away from the piece. It's a good picture, but it doesn't show off your work as much as it deserves : )
Woodworker I am, Photographer I am not, Sorry, Its where the wife put it. <br>but thank you for the kind words. I do appreciate it.
This is great! i was thinking of making something like this...only smaller for a tool box!
Thanks, Yeah I like the design.
Beautiful project. I have added it to my ever growing list of must-try workshop projects. Boy, that list doesn't ever get smaller!
Thanks for the kind words. My list is ever growing too...
Nice lamp, too. Did you make it?
nope, the lamp is off the store shelf.
Beautiful work!
thank you very much!<br>
Make sure you enter this in the weekly box challenge...if you haven't done so already. I didn't see it there. Good luck.
Thank you, Its submitted now. :)<br>
Very fancy schmancy! I like this a lot. :)

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