The Ooboowooboo: Fancy Twist-ties You'll Wanna Wear





Introduction: The Ooboowooboo: Fancy Twist-ties You'll Wanna Wear

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Got lots of cords laying around? Don't we all? Well it's time to clean em up. Here's one way to make em stay up off the ground, look pretty and remain functional and accessible.

I've found these work particularly well for music cables, but they work well in the kitchen as ties for bags of all sizes, and these things are so pretty you might just wanna carry them on your wrist for unpredictable situations where Superman powers are required (the author of this ibble is not liable for unfavorable outcomes due to possible lack of superhuman strength with use of this product).

They are super easy to make, don't require much tools and are super cheap - as in under one (Canadian) dollar per twist tie and in total I spent about $9 CAD on this project, not including the two tools I already had but which are also pretty cheap.

Here's how to make em.

Step 1: Supplies and Where to Find Em

You'll need:

  • Beads
  • Wire
  • Snippers
  • Pliers


Grab some beads from a local Second Hand shop. I got mine in a pack from Value Village for under $7 (CAD). There are some pretty cool finds there in the used necklaces section which you can re-purpose for this project. Value Village in particular seems to do this in particular where they throw a bunch of unsold necklaces in a bag (in my case, over 20 or so) for that low price and so there were lots of beads to choose from.

You can get beads from anywhere really, just make sure the holes are big enough for the wire you choose to fit through the centers.


As for the wire, I got stainless steel wire from the dollar store (Dollarama in particular) in the tools area for around $2 for the roll. You get plenty of wire with it so you can make bunches and bunches of these for next to nothing really. The wire holds its shape real well so you can wrap these things around almost anything and it holds nicely.


As for the tools, you'll just need something to snip the wire with, and something to twist the ends tight. Pliers and wire cutters work great. I got these little tools at Michael's craft store once upon a time and they have served me well for over 4 years now. Well worth a purchase.

Step 2: Snip to Size and Bend the End

I cut mind to a size I liked, basing it on a size I figured I might use often for wrapping things. Mine ended up being around 18 inches or 46 centimeters give or take.

Once you cut it to size, bend one end slightly so the beads won't slip off while you load it. Or you can go ahead and pinch the first end around onto itself, but I'll show you how to do that in one of the next steps.

Grab the beads you like and load em on! I like having different beads at the ends to finish it off nice, but really you can do whatever you fancy with it - so go ahead, express yourself! :)

Step 3: An Easy Trick to Load the Beads

Line em up in your fingers to make it easier to slip the wire through in a pattern you like.

Step 4: Bend the Ends to Finish

Snip off any excess wire and bend the ends with your pliers. You'll need to aim your bent wire to fit snugly into the end of the bead, and it takes a little finesse to get it in but with a little practice you'll get it. It should fit tight at both ends so the beads don't slide around much when you're done.

Step 5: Examples of How to Use It

So what do you do with these objects? Here's a few ideas, all of which suggest WRAP em around stuff! :D

These will make great gifts for people, and I'm planning to give a few away myself. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Much love and happy thoughts!



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    These look nice ☺ I think they could be used for indoor plants that need a support cane, instead of tying them to the cane with string. Also by leaving the beads loose, you could have a fidget bracelet, or a counting bracelet for keeping track of glasses of water drunk etc, if the beads fit snugly around the wire.

    This is an awesome ible! Thanks for sharing. This is perfect for me as I am a computer repair person and when I have house calls the one thing I'm always asked is to please untangle the cords and zip tie them together. So making some of these in my spare time I could make a little money, have thing's look good and please my clients.

    1 reply

    Awesome! I'm so glad to hear it! I find new uses for them all the time around the house, but they especially work well for wires and things that need wrapping up. I'm super glad you mentioned something because it's nice for someone to catch the vision of it. :)

    Thanks! Me too. I love using these things - they come in handy all the time.

    Its a good way to fix beaded bracelts that have broke

    1 reply

    Yeah, that's one way to do it :)

    Thanks! I thought so too. I use them all over my house. :)

    Thanks Penelope! Do you think of sounds like something you'd find it come in handy for?

    Yeah! I'd probably use it mostly as a bracelet, though, it's just so cute and looks easy to wear :)

    Sweet. That's awesome feedback. Thanks!

    Thanks! :)