Step 11: Making the shoulder armor (Spaulders pt 1)

Spaulders /Epolettes/ Shoulder pads what-ever you want to call them.

I made mine by cutting several long straight narrow pieces of steel, and then fanning them over the shoulder and then affixing them to my chest pieces. These pieces used a surprisingly large amount of steel, but where relatively simple to make.

Basically I made 6 strips of steel each 5" wide ( after rounding the edged). and 33" long ( the length of the steel sheet I was using). Thinner strips make a smoother curve, but are more work and will generally use a lot more steel (waste and overlap). Thicker strips will be less work, but wont give a really round look. Like always, play with bristol board to find a width and height that you like before working in steel

I cut the sheet of steel into strips, and then folded over the edges. For all but the top most piece only 1 edge will be visible, so if you're lazy, you only need to make 1 edge of each piece look nice. The top piece however will have both sides exposed and should have both edges finished.

I wanted my shoulders to be able to collapse when I raised my arm to maintain as much mobility as possible. So I attached them using a flexible material (thick canvas), a strong strap or ribbon will work as well. Something like a seat belt or nylon backpack strap, just make sure that it doesn't stretch and wont fray too much.

Go back and read the step, this will apply to you as well. Except for the part of the added cost/ weight of steel.