Here's a simple way to make cheap, fake metal props that will not easily bend and crease. I had heard styrene sheets were a good material for costume armor and weapons, so I thought I'd give it a try.
     This is a method commonly used by cosplay costumers. Most of my research brought me to Amethyst Angel'stutorials, which go into greater detail for more specific and complex prop builds. Here I simply cover some of the basics of this technique.

Step 1: Getting Started

Hot glue gun

Styrene Sheets - Most people recommend .20" thickness for flexibility and ease to work with. Smaller panels can be found at
     hobby stores, but for larger sheets you will have to shop online.
Acrylic paint - Gold, Silver and Black (or any other colors you want to include). Black is used for weathering.
Paper - to plan out your cuts

     I started by planning out the crown's design on paper, to make sure everything was symmetrical and fit together nicely. Since I was using smaller styrene panels which I found at a hobby shop, my design was made in several smaller pieces that would be assembled in a repeating pattern.
     When I was happy with the shape of things I traced the design onto the styrene sheets and cut them out. When everything was assembled, it looked pretty decent. At this point the crown could be bent into a ring with the flexibility of the plastic. It still looked somewhat odd and flat, so I decided to try a little shaping.
<p>Are you sure you mean 0.2&quot; thickness? I can't find any with that, but I can find 0.02&quot; thickness.</p>
<p>For a first try, this crown is quite impressive! Great job!</p>
<p>I like this very much! We use styrene for making our masters with in model train industry. Very nice job.</p><p>Julia</p>
ZELDA!!!!!! seriously though loz fan film (dont worry link doesnt talk!)
That's Amazing!
Looks great! I love the antique-metal effect.
Awesome! I love all of the detail! It really makes a difference in the look of the final project!

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