Modified BaleScoop(for picking hay bales out of the field) from manual levers to arduino controlled functions.  
This eliminates the need for 3 sets of hydraulic hoses to only one set and operator can focus more on where they are going rather then controling the implement. This is set up for a "Field Mode" and a Travel Mode", and has 3 switched to still control the implment manually to unload the bales or align bales

Parts Needed
Arduino UNO                                                                                                       
Screw 2 pull springs
 terminal shield for Arduino                                                                          
8 channel Relay board                                                    
10vlt Regulator                                                                           
Enclosure(some type of box to cover electronics)                                                                                                 
Cat 5 Cable                                                                      
Cat 5 coupler                                                                    
Micro switches(you can use all limit switches)                                                         
Limit Switches                                                                 
(3) toggle switches mom/on/mom                                   
Toggle switch on/off/on                                                   
Screw terminal block                                                         
female rv plug
2 prong plug
plastic flex
14 gauge wire  
3 directional solenoid vales with manifold
self drilling/tapping screws
female spade connectors
bolts &nuts (sizes 4-40 and 6-32)
2"x 2' strap steel
1/2" rod
UHMW 1/4 think 4" wide 8" long
small screws
5/16 all thread 8" long and 4 nuts  
2 5/16 bolts 1" long
heat shrink
1 1/2 angle iron 16" Long
2 hinges 2" wide x 4" long
3/8 key stock 3" long

wire stripper/crimper
leatherman ;)
small screwdrives
solder gun and solder
Drill and drill bits
5/16 tap
cutting lube
grinder and gear
welder and gear
open end wrenches 7/8-1 1/8
Pipe wrench
5/16 nut driver
Jig Saw
Bench vise

Step 1: Safety First

Always be sure to use correct PPE(Person protective equipment) especially with the grinder and welder. As of right now you will only ever get two eyes, there is no Instructable "yet" for a working human eye. You may have more then 2 fingers but I'd like to keep all mine, it just makes life easier. And yet again only 2 ears make sure to wear earplugs when grinding. Always be aware of what and who is around you. And remember that soldering iron is hot and so is what you just welded
<p>Amazingly done, i'm just curious to know if you tested it in an inclined field, that's because my farm as a lot of inclination contrary to the one in the video.</p>
<p>Will be picking up some hay in a few days I will try to get some video of it on hill side and how I handle it</p>
<p>great project, any updates?</p>
All I can say is wow! This is so good it's hard to appreciate it! Nicely done!
Thank you, I spent a lot of time on this. This was actually my first micro controlled project, I wasn't sure how it would turn out. Spent a lot of hours trying to figure out the code I needed. I tend to pick something that is always beyond what I know and struggle with it :p it worked and that's all that matters. I plan on getting some good books and maybe some smaller simpler projects to get the hang of it a little more. Next time I plan on having a more organized Instructable, not so long and boring :)
Hey there! This is a really cool project, do you think you could retitle it from "Farm Equipment REAL LIFE" to something that describes it better? Like Microcontrolled Farm Equipment? This will help drive more visitors to your project. <br /> <br />Let me know if you alter your title, and I will reset your URL. <br /> <br />Cheers! <br />Audrey <br />Community Manager <br />Instructables.com
Thanks for the advice
Way cool! While I enjoy 'robotic' projects that help make our work easier, a little voice in the back of my head goes off whenever a single microcontroller starts to move heavy equipment on its own! I'd hate to see anyone get pinched if the arduino just happened to command travel mode when a leg was in a bad location, etc. Controllers do sometimes just go nuts whether due to single event upsets, or whatnot, and the arduinos do not use the usual protections normally found in embedded systems such as watchdog timers, etc. So please be careful. I am sure a commercial version of this would have to sound a horn 1 second before actually moving or might have to include cut-out switches so that your body would hit a switch and disable the motion if it was where it shouldn't be, etc. That being said... way cool and keep innovating! <br>Best Wishes

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