Very easy and tasty recipe.  Can be served as breakfast, brunch, or lunch.  Or when ever you feel like an easy highly nutritional meal.  I use all fresh ingredients on this one!

Step 1: Ingredients

Recipe serves two.


4 day fresh eggs
1 C red grape tomatoes
1 C yellow grape tomatoes
1 C basil
1/4 t Hungarian banana pepper
salt and black pepper to taste
1 T white vinegar
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I read where range free eggs are the best to buy and have the least problems with bacteria. I don't buy regular eggs anymore. When I move I will be raising my own! <br>I'll bet your garden is amazing! Our garden small as it was did not produce favorably this year. I heard it was a problem even with the local farmers because of the heat. I am looking forward to next years season!
Thanks for sharing! This looks good.

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