Step 11: Magnet PLacement

Wooow...what a job!! ....that was the most tough thing to do.. with N50 mags...all i can say be carefull and patient.

it took me 2 days to place 24 mags on the disk, some said if it was steel disck it would have been esier.

anyway, i used GB weld to glue them down and then i put 2 part epoxy all arround for extra hold. and later in the project i will cover them HALF way in bostik or resin.


Fik5 years ago
How did you keep the magnets to stick to (or fly away from) the previosly glued magnet at its side? Did you use some sort of non-magnetic mold or guide to hold each magnet while the glue cured?
faroun (author)  Fik5 years ago
i used the JB weld to stick them on. I used spacer between the magnets while they were drying, you have to keep an eye on them because while they are drying, they may shift a bit so you need to keep them in line, the spacer help or make an aluminum template.