Step 13: Faroun-3-phase-coil-test-20awg-50-winds-Final

this step will show the 12 coils and 16 mags alternator testing

i decided to lay the coils, all 3 Phases conected and rectified produced 20volts dc at 60RPM 5mph wind

-12 coils
-16 N42mags 2 discs
-50winds per coil .125 thick very thin
-3 phase STAR configuration
-rectifed to dc using 2 bridge rectifires
-.2" gap in bettween the magnets an dthe coils.
-spining at 60RPM 5mph wind(using floor)
-produced 20volts DC

you are going to relize that my coils are very thin, but in order for me to get the mags close together i had to thin the coils to improove the flux passing through the coils,

the mags are only .5" far from each other and between them the sitt the coils.
you will see in the movie that i am getting 50 watts at 100 rpm again i had to rev it up to get the power cause i have no wind where i have it, any way with all my calculation., i am confidet to say it can get 200watt at 20mph wind.
note:maybe my calculation are a bit low but my expectaions are also low.

i am going to go back and use a treadmill dc motor because it did give me more power. I hope next step i will show the dc motor and who it works.

and place it outside in the real world. (outside will be in the next steps)

gepettoman5 years ago
what does awg stand for
American Wire Gauge
faroun (author)  gepettoman5 years ago
lol...I am so sorry to say that I spelled it wrong, it is the "Gauge" size of wire.


steve226 years ago
Faroun, I think your circuit would be improved with a 3 phase rectifier circuit.
I have used them before, and they are set up a bit different than what you used.
It involves using 6 diodes, and should improve your setup by at least 15 percent. There is a web site that shows it here...http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_3/chpt_3/4.html Hope this helps, Steve
faroun (author)  steve226 years ago
OK, thanks I will check it out. every little bit helps. regards
afbcom faroun5 years ago
 I believe that is how it is already configured, the full wave recitfiers that are in this circuit are connected in parallel.  The coil inputs appear to be connected between positive and negative terminals.  In essence like the above drawing.
faroun (author)  afbcom5 years ago

Thanks afbcom for the clearifications, i am not pro at this, so please correct me if i am wrong. others need to do it correctly.



faroun (author)  freeenergy20096 years ago
you welcome.
faroun (author) 6 years ago
here is the new phase by phase connection. regards
dna112076 years ago
Hey Faroun, I was wondering if you could give me some helpful information. I am in the process of building a wind turbine alternator here but I seem to be running into some difficulty. I use 24 N45 2" x 1" x 1/2" on two rotor discs. I also have 18 coils, 6 connected in series for each phase. I made the first stator with #20 wire and used 80 turns for each coil. This produced some very high voltage but little in the way of current. Any load of more than 2 amps or so would make it almost impossible to turn but turns and produces voltage freely without load. Well, I figured way too many turns and too thin of a wire. So I made a second stator with #13 wire, 21 turns each. In delta, I was able to produce 10 amps into 12v batteries but still, it was extremly hard to turn, hard enough that wind would not be able to. Any Ideas what may be going on here? You can see some pictures of what I have done here Wind Turbine[
faroun (author)  dna112076 years ago
dna, what you are experiencing is the eddy current and the cogging effect,
you must research these effects to understand them.
you can start here : http://www.fieldlines.com/story/2003/12/27/202634/91

I was able to achieve my goal because my VAWT mass "rotating" was able to sustain demand.

start reading, you will find alot of answers.
ijsche27 years ago
I'm looking to build a wind turbine and you talked about a treadmill dc motor. Are these cheap and where can i look into purchasing them? Great design as well!
faroun (author)  ijsche27 years ago
the best pm dc motor is ametek google it and i think you can find them at ebay regards
ijsche27 years ago
Also what equations do you use to come up with the output power, and what do the variables stand for?
faroun (author)  ijsche27 years ago
go here for the forumla "blade area vs alternator" http://www.windstuffnow.com/main/generator.htm