Step 3: Clean up your Pulse Codes

Picture of Clean up your Pulse Codes
The raw pulse codes come out a little messy for what we want to do with them so we need to clean them up.

1)  Copy/Paste your raw codes into an empty Notepad (or similar) Doc and Label them 0 through 9.
2)  The first pulse (large red circles in the Serial Monitor picture) is a sort of warm up for the IR LED so you want to delete it.
3)  Then move on and delete any negative (-) signs you see in your pulses (small red circles in the Serial Monitor picture)
4)  Go through your code and delete all the spaces leaving a coma (,) between each pulse.

Your finished pulses should look nice and clean like the string of pulses pictured in my code.
Hello Schmidtn,
I am using 0021 and an Uno . I read some more on line and in the end copied into Hyperterminal. I didn't copy it right ( it was late at night) so the code didn't work right. I will try again and keep you posted .
I also wanted to compliment you on your step by step approach to putting a project like this together and testing it as you go along...very wise! It also makes it much easier to trouble shoot each step as opposed to when the project is complete and a puff of magic smoke is all there is to show for it.
Thumbs up and bravo,
Schmidtn (author)  Build_it_Bob4 years ago
Yes, please keep me (us) posted. I'm interested to see how it turns out.

Also, thank you for the kind words.
Sucess using Hyperterminal and copy paste . I just had to make sure the commas were correct and then it worked for a samsung tv power off/on command . I removed power from the arduino , re-powered and tried it again a few times and it worked each time . This is something that can now be expanded and used in other projects !
Yea Team!
Arduino coupled with good instructables ( and teachers!) make for awesome learning.
Many Thanks!
I am trying to "Copy" the readings and can't seam to highlight them ?? Is there a step that i am missing?
Thanks for your help with this as i was able to to decode my Sherwood RC-119 remote by disconnecting pin 11 every time I seen the NEC 32 bit code come up on the serial monitor.
Schmidtn (author)  Build_it_Bob4 years ago
So you can't highlight the pulses in the serial monitor window? Are you using the version 0018 IDE? When I did this project I pushed each button, one at a time, and then copy/pasted the entire thing over into a notepad document. If it wont let you do that (and this would really suck) you might have to enter them in by hand.

It should work just like copying something from a normal word document, just highlight everything and Ctrl+C it, then go over to your notepad doc and Ctrl+V.