This is Fartonias Famas, but I made an iron sight for it. Just a VERY simple mod, but a mod none the less. Enjoy!

i just love how much this gun fails.<br> ___<br> / | | \<br> \ O /<br> |----|<br> /___\<br><br>ERROR<br>2710389738828<br><br>FAMAS FAIL <br><br>ERROR<br>2710389738828<br><br>FAMAS FAIL<br><br>COMPUTER WILL NOW EXPLODE 4834902U984984IUNWIEIUTOIonenoiNIUN<br><br>*BOOM*<br><br>lol
Oh, no now you made my computer error, 10011101000110110011001100001110111001111001001 BABOOMBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br><br>lol =D
life errors when chuck norris and Zeus mix together.<br>and when they sneeze, the world lags in framerate...
Well at least your name suits you...
How many pieces do you have??
Not many. And I have like 30-40 yellow connectors. That's it.
Lol, lol and lol again.
I know its not much, but Fartonia didn't include an iron sight, so I did :)
Not even the ironsight saves the gun from being this terrible... I'm sorry, but better Famas's have been made that shoot.
make it shoot
I'll try, I'm just trying to build other peoples guns first. If I do, I'll send a link to you :)

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