Picture of Fashion earrings under 15 minutes!

Us girls always need accessories.

But what happens when you have a new outfit but not the right earrings and you need to be ready ASAP? Well, you go to your office and build yourself a pair of pretty little things

This instructable will show you how to create a simple yet gorgeous pair of earrings using stuff from the office supply store or even things you already have.  You will obtain a bold geometric pattern
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Step 1: The things you need

Picture of The things you need

Materials you need:

- left over piece of cardboard or craft paper
- 10 blue push pins
- 8 yellow push pins
- Left over fabric, preferably in a matching color
- Earring wires: I used old earrings that'd lost their match


- Needle nose pliers
- Cutting pliers
- hot glue gun
- Scissors

Note: The amount of push-pins needed depends on the size you want to make the earrings

Step 2: Design the pattern

Picture of Design the pattern

I wanted to create a bold geometric pattern, so the first thing to do is cut 2 cardboard squares, around 3x3 cm (this doesn't have to be accurate, since you will cut it at the end)

The earrings will have a  "checkers panel" pattern. I suggest you first layout the push-pins in the cardboard and after you are happy with the arrangement pull them out and glue them back.

In one of the cardboard pieces start pin pushing: 

First row : a blue push-pin, then a yellow, then a blue. Make sure they overlap a little so you also get the feeling of volume

Build the second row, but this time start with a yellow push-pin. follow by blue, then yellow.

The third  row starts with a blue, then yellow then blue.

Then do this on the other cardboard piece
panguia1 year ago
Simple,efficace et assez joli. Thank you for this good idea !
linkyta (author)  panguia1 year ago
hey Im glad you liked it!
chrissysno3 years ago
The only thing I would change in your instructable, is to tell everyone to get thumb-tacks, not push-pins. Your pictures show thumb-tacks. But, it's a really good instructable. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
linkyta (author)  chrissysno1 year ago
thanks a lot for the comment, it also helps improve my grammar :-D