Picture of Fashionable Holes
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This collection of tops was inspired by two photographs I took. One was of a mushroom and the other was the lack of the same mushroom after the lawn it resided in was cut. After witnessing this, I decided to create some garments with holes. Each piece is my own original creation, and I feel that the fun of making your own clothes is to design them around your own style and body. Therefore, this instructable is for the hole detail as opposed to the design of each garment. You can add a hole to any one-of-a-kind piece you create for yourself!

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

Picture of Materials and Supplies
There are two variations of the hole in this collection: one done with thick fray-proof fabric and one on delicate fabric like cotton or knits. 

The materials needed for thick fabrics are:
hot glue gun/glue

The materials needed for thin fabrics are:
chalk (or other writing implement that won't bleed through the fabric)
needle and thread
sewing machine

Steen4 years ago
Very cool! Good solution for stains, too ;)
Thanks for the inspiration.
annwilkins14 years ago
great idea for worn out clothes!!!
Uncle Kudzu4 years ago
Cool! Some variation of this would be a creative way to patch actual holes. Gots to share this with my GF; I've got holey jeans, and she's wicked handy with her Husqvarna :-)
Really creative and beautiful, but would that thick fabric suede item be washable with the hot glue used instead of fabric glue of needle and thread? Love the simple smock top with the hole on the bottom right hem.
Brooklyntonia (author)  midsummermuse4 years ago
The vest would be a hand wash item. I'm pretty sure that fabric is not washable anyway, but, you're right, if you had a thick fabric that you wanted to be able to wash, you should go with a fabric glue. It would just mean that you'd have to glue the pieces and weigh them down while they dried.
Cool thanks for the fast reply. That's what I figured, but always pays to ask ^_^

It is true that you could put together a really fast outfit like hat with hot glue just for a one-time special event of concert or art exhibit or something.
badart4 years ago
You are lots of fun i love your holes.

Ninzerbean4 years ago
turkey4 years ago
Absolutely love it. Wonderful idea!
f5mando4 years ago
What a splendid idea! Wonderful inspiration story, and very creative. Thanks for this one - Good on ya, Tonya!
PACW4 years ago
Very fun! Thanks for the idea. . . the mind spins!
canida4 years ago
Wow, that looks awesome!