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Introduction: Fast Charging Anywhere

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Hey! everyone My name is Steve.

Today I'm going to show you How to fast charge your phone Anywhere

This just like DIY Project

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Let's Start

Step 1: Features

Input Power

  • 7v - 60v Dc " Such a huge range "

Output Power

  • 5V/5A - Very Stable Output

Smart Features

  • USB port 1 & 2 can identify your device for Fast Charging

Built In Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection

Step 2: Things You Need



  • USB Charging HUB -
  • 3S BMS - Click
  • 4S BMS - Click " If you are going to use 4S "
  • 18650 battery - Click
  • XT60 Connector - Click
  • Solar Panel - Click


  • USB Charging HUB -
  • 3S BMS - Click
  • 4S BMS - Click
  • 18650 Battery - Click
  • XT60 Connector - Click
  • Solar Panel -

Step 3: Charging Phone With Battery

  • I used a trusty XT60 male connector to connect to the blue terminal "see the polarity first"
  • And then I used my DIY 3S li-ion Battery to power this up
  • and then I used a USB cable to connect to my Phone
  • And this work just awesome

Step 4: Charging Phone With Solar Panel

  • I used my 3 Watt Solar Panel just for Demonstration Purpose Only
  • And then I used a barrel type connector to connect to the Charging HUB
  • And again this works just awesome

Step 5: Anywhere Charging

That's all for today guys!

Click Here to See The Video

You Just Made It

Now just Plug the power and enjoy

Thank you for visiting my Instructables Stay tuned for next Projects

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    Great work, use 3D printed case with ur own logo

    does it safe @ 5Amps of output current? BTW I like It.

    1 reply

    unsure about using that to charge my phone... I'd want to hook it up to a test bed before trying it with the phone.

    Nice to see a sleeker and compact design than most commonly available battery banks. Good show !

    So, is it the board you got from Banggood that is auto sensing for fast charging, or did you have to mod it a bit? nice case design...