Fast Composting!





Introduction: Fast Composting!

make compost in a few weeks and is very cheap.
Please leave a comment!(first instructable)

Step 1: Materials!

red worms half to one pound
organic material
warm place
compost bin(can be homemade)

Step 2: Construction

Put your red worms in the bin and put organic materials inside.
Keep the bin in a warm spot but not under direct sunlight.

Step 3: Finish

you now have your worms making compost but make sure to "feed" them with more organic material.
put more worms if you have a big bin!



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    This is a very cool idea. Where do you get the worms?

    I got mine from VERY fast, friendly service. Great product! Also refer to his website for overwintering them. He does it successfully.

    I got mine at home depot. but if ur home depot doesn't sell red worms i guess ull just have to ask around

    Most of the time you can do a local search for composting  on the web and find them from a dealer.

    I have my worm bin inside all the time. Worms grow faster and I'm more incline to put scraps into it. Theres no smell.

    thanks for telling me, I'm moving mine inside right now

    I listened to a broadcast on NPR that talks about red worm composting in-doors in the winter.

    Cool! do you think it will work?

    What happens in the winter? I live in Michigan and we have cold winters with lots 'o snow.