Step 4: Assembling

Picture of assembling

These solar lights simply unscrew from their plastic bulb. The entire solar unit is self-contained and can be used without further disassembly.

Be sure to remove the plastic covering from the solar cell, add your silicone adhesive if necessary, and fit the unit into the lid.

Note: it's a good idea to test the fit before using adhesive. After putting the first unit in, I realized this particular unit fits so snugly into the SLOM jar, no adhesive is necessary. This was a nice coincidence that allowed future sun jars to have a clean look without any adhesive showing through the top of the glass.
jrickclark4 years ago
Hey, on that Westinghouse unit, there's also a little mirror piece that you can unscrew from the clear enclosure piece. If you glue it to the bottom center of the jar, it'll reflect a little more light away from the bottom of the jar and back out the sides.

Great instructible. I really like your trick for frosting the inside of the jars, and not disassembling the solar unit. Thanks!
sylrig (author)  jrickclark4 years ago
That's a really great idea--thanks! I would definitely use it on any future sun jars, as it would be a big improvement and is otherwise a wasted piece.
Hum ey where did you bought that solar light? because i don't know where they sell that!

Garden store :P
Earths_hope4 years ago
I thoght photoresistors were illegal!