Picture of Fast, Easy, wax-free Batik
The look of batik without the headache of melted wax. I love the look of batik, but I don't want to mess with the wax or the stamps. Instead, use Elmer's washable school glue to create my designs. 
Here is what you need:

-an item to batik and dye- I used a t-shirt. You want something that is mostly natural fiber like cotton. If your item has any polyester stitching, the stitching will stay the original color, My shirt had white polyester stitching so they didn't take the dye
-fabric dye
-Elmer's washable school glue- I used a double tipped liquid glue stick by Elmers which rocked. I could use one end for wide lines and the other for narrow ones
-a pot you don't care about
-a piece of wood or cardboard
-clothes pins
-a stove
-tongs or gloves
-a washing machine

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Step 1: Prepping your fabric and batiking

Picture of Prepping your fabric and batiking
It's probably a good idea to wash your fabric before you glue and dye it. I was too excited and didn't bother. Sorry the photos are blurry, I used my iphone because I couldn't find my camera charger. 

Next, stretch your fabric over the board or box and use clothes pins to hold it taught to make it easier for you to draw on your fabric with glue. 

When your fabric is taut and stable, draw your design on your fabric with glue. It feels very similar to drawing with puff-paint.  NOTE: Don't get too overzealous with the glue- you need a light to medium layer. If you put too much on, it won't wash out and you'll have to wash it several times and then scrape off the remaining bits which is annoying. 

My design is called the "viking's compass." Vikings drew it on their foreheads as a charm to keep them from getting lost and enable them to find their way home. I'm a sea kayaking guide and world traveler, so I naturally love this symbol. 
InTheory1 year ago
Nice Runestave I hope it brings you all the luck it can!
scoochmaroo2 years ago
That's great! I learned in grad school how bad some waxes can be for your lungs when they get heated up. This is a perfect solution and makes the project kid-friendly too!
what you did was amazing!. But i used a lot of wax for my batik.
This is great! I've done some faux batik using bleach pens, but the bleach weakens the fabric and it breaks down after awhile.
Fantastic outcome!

THX for sharing!

Kiteman2 years ago
Nice idea!