Fast Iced Coffee With Chemex


Introduction: Fast Iced Coffee With Chemex

About: We're fun, frank and want you to make coffee you love at home. We test and review a wide array of gear. On Instuctables we will post how to get the most out of your home coffee and espresso equipment.

We drink a lot of coffee in Seattle, and on the occasion we get one nice day in the summer, we even make it iced!
Watch Bunny and Teri brew up Iced Coffee with a Chemex coffee Maker. It's super easy to make. The great thing about Chemex is that it never turns out bitter and with this brew method you can drink it right away.

What you will need:

Chemex coffee maker
Chemex paper filter or metal cone filter
Burr coffee grinder
Whole bean coffee - 16:1 ratio
Tea Kettle - prefer a gooseneck model for an accurate pour
Optional: Timer, kitchen scale



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