Fast Slice and Core an Apple (...Asymmetrically)

Picture of Fast Slice and Core an Apple (...Asymmetrically)
new cut.jpg
heel slice.jpg
2 slice.jpg
3 slice.jpg
4 slice.jpg
5 slice.jpg
6 slice.jpg
7 slice.jpg
toe slice.jpg
tippy toe slice.jpg
sliced n cored.jpg
Here's a quick way to slice and core an apple at the same time.  Rather than bisecting the apple-core, just slice around it.  More cuts for thinner slices. Simple.

However, with speed comes asymmetry.  The first cut creates a big "heel-slice" and the last cut is a tiny "toe-slice".  I say, hang aesthetics, live fast and free.

Enjoy 'dem apples!


dchall85 years ago
That's pretty cool!
Chromatica5 years ago
Ohh I get it.