Introduction: DIY Screen Printing at Home: Multiple Printing

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These DIY screen printing stencils allow me to make my own t-shirts with my own design in no time. And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg either. Here are a few tips on multiple printings using EZScreenPrint stencils.

Here's what you need:

1 - completed EZScreen stencil

2 - t-shirts of your choice

3 - Speedball opaque pearly white ink

4 - squeegee

5 - plastic frame

6 - blow dryer (opt.) and iron

Step 1: The Design

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I was asked by a friend to make 10 shirts for his dodge ball team that was named "#TWERKTEAM"

They made it into the finals and wanted some professional looking t-shirts instead of spray painted shirts using plastic stencils they bought at a craft store. I made them a unique logo and printed on transparency.

Make your stencil according to EZScreenPrint's instructions.

Step 2: Plastic Frame

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Attach the completed stencil to a plastic frame using blue painters tape. It helps keep the stencil sturdy and in place when you're doing multiple prints.

(My photos don't show me using the plastic frames. I've screen printed so many times I actually don't need it anymore. However, if you are new, please use the frame)

Step 3: Screening

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Using Speedball opaque pearly white fabric ink and a squeegee, I screen printed the design on 10 shirts in a row. Screen printing ink dries slowly exactly for this process.

Note: Make sure to use opaque inks if you are printing on any color shirt besides white. Blue, red, green, and black t-shirts require opaque white inks. Otherwise, it will look faded.

Step 4: Check for Voids

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I made sure to check for voids before lifting the stencil completely off. If there are any spots missing some ink, lay it back down and go over that spot again with your squeegee.

Step 5: Dry

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Allow the ink to air dry for an hour or speed up drying time using a blow dryer. Make sure to heat set each shirt with an iron so the ink does not wash out in the washing machine.

Step 6: Done!

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The t-shirts are done and ready to wear :)

I got all my supplies at minus the t-shirts that I purchased at Target


ClariceGage (author)2017-11-19

Really great work and I can't wait to praise your work..

Wandag (author)2015-07-20

I love the Tshirts. I am all for easy and fast. But how did you make the stencil?

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