Build your own Dalek Dome be the star of your next Doctor Who watch party and exterminate your friends for less than $10

Step 1: Supplies and Tools Necessary

1 Dalek head sized bowl, about 12" in diameter.  $1 at  Dollar Tree
2 Outdoor LED solar lights                                         $2 at Dollar Tree
1 Medium LED flashlight                                             $1 at Dollar Tree
1 Toy suction cup arrow                                               $ free found in junk bin.
1 2"x12" plexiglass                                                        $ free left over from previous project
1 can Silver Spray Paint                                                $ free left over from previous project
1 can flat black spray paint                                           $1 Walmart
1 baseball cap                                                                $ Found it in closet
1 toilet plunger                                                                $ 3 Walmart
12" of 24 gage wire                                                        $ free left over from previous project

glue gun
soldering iron

you're awesome
Hahahaha what! What!
<p>Haven't laughed this hard in a while, thanks you! I will definitively do this! =D</p>
Next time I need to look like a Dalek in a split second, I will remember.
That is superb, absolutely brilliant!
Oh, that is just priceless! <br> <br>Did you wear it out for Hallowe'en? <br>
I was escorting my daughter to an anime convention and I had to come up with a quick costume to blend in.
You and I have different ideas about &quot;blending in&quot; :-D<br> <br> I don't know where in the world you are, but the 23rd is &quot;<a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006q2x0" rel="nofollow">Day of the Doctor</a>&quot;, the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast.
My goal for the convention was not to be the &quot;old creapy dude lurking around corners keeping an eye on my daughter&quot;, instead I was &quot;old creapy dude dressed as a Dalek&quot;. There was a 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Panel filled with various Doctors so I got &quot;sonic screwdrivered&quot; a lot. It was a bunch of fun.
Brilliant! Laughed when I saw that snapshot.
Love it man

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