Picture of Fast and Easy Armor idea
For Bracers for roleplaying or just looking cool heres what you need.

1 Empty Water Bottle(16.9FL. OZ)

2 Duck Tape(Chrome looks best IMO)

3 Strong Scissors

4 Paper Towels

5 Sanding Block or Sanding Paper

6 Something to Crease into the lines of the bottle(Opt)

7 Sharp knife(i used and Ex-acto Knife for cutting tape) Opt
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Step 1: Cutting the bottle

Picture of Cutting the bottle
Cut the bottle at the top removing the area where it starts to slope and the bottom and then down the the side so it opens up.

Step 2: Sanding and Taping

Picture of Sanding and Taping
zoo 104.JPG
Take the sanding block to the edges so that it is not quite so sharp and then on the out side of the bottle so the tape sticks better.Then run tape from one side of the slit to the other, but not covering it until it is all taped and none of the bottle is showing from the outside

Step 3: Finishing up

Picture of Finishing up
The tape should look even,i know mine is not but my knife wasn't very sharp, so heres the finished project
wow... THAT SUCKED!!!!!
Speedmite6 years ago
And do you expect to make a suit of this stuff? I bet it would be great. It would work so well every one there would not even attack you because they were laughing so hard.
Deathcapt6 years ago
Looks like that's pretty tight... how long before your hand turned blue?
jamiespark6 years ago
nice instructable but soda bottles covered in felt or painted look better
Solderguy6 years ago
This is perfect for Halloween.
jakeybob17 (author)  Solderguy6 years ago
fultron896 years ago
Ha! Nice idea. That's assuming of course my beefy gorilla arms can be squeezed into a water bottle.