I made these beanies out of an old hooded sweatshirt and some scrap jersey fabric. They are just the cutest thing. I made them as gifts for my sister and her family last year. They are so warm and cozy, everyone loved them! Which is great because they were super easy and cheap to make.

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Step 1: Cutting Out the Hat

All of these measurements are based on a head measurement of 22". And again, I used a hoodie to make this. I got 4 hats out of 1 hoodie.

-Cut 2 rectangles 10” x 12”. The short axis should be up-and-down with the grain of the sweatshirt. So basically the long end is at the top of the hoodie
-Leaving a 3” straight segment on either side, cut the rectangle into an arched shape
Cute! Did you add a button to the middle of the flower?
I did! Sorry looks like I forgot to mention that step. I'll have to edit the post. Thanks!

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