Step 4: FINISH !!!

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I want to give special thanks to Yves Usson for allowing me to use his PCB design in this instructable.
The PCB shown is for a Quadrature LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) from his amazing modular DIY synth -
The Yusynth at http://www.yusynth.net !

Check it out!  It's amazing!

I hope this technique will help you produce perfect pcbs every time, faster, and with less work!
It sure does for me!  I can make a dozen PCB's in FAR less time than it takes me to make ONE with the heat transfer/toner method!
stevfuri1 year ago

This is just the instructable I was looking for! I want to see this trick about getting all the holes in the right place. Seems like that's the really time consuming part.

Firstly cudos! I'm really likin this method. Secondly, would it be possible to simply cut away the vinyl around the pads and leave the rest therefore creating a type of solder mask on the board? Maybe by using a high temp vinyl so that it doesn't melt when an iron is near to it?