I had a large blank space on my wall I needed to fill. I had a compulsion, in fact.
It had to be something big enough to fill the space, but versatile enough to suit my ever-changing decor needs.

So what do I create? Fabric rectangles. They took me about 15 minutes to make. And, great news for frequent movers or renters, they're fundamentally temporary. They're lightweight and easily changeable. But they look fabulous.

You'll need:

a few cardboard boxes
fabric (enough to cover your cardboard)
dressmakers pins

Step 1: Cut Cardboard

I had two boxes that were the same size, so I just cut two sides from one box and one side from the other to create three equally sized rectangles.

Cut your cardboard to your liking. Nicely proportioned rectangles are always aesthetically pleasing.

For a focal piece, I recommend an odd number. 3 or 5 should be great, depending on wall size.

Tip: To get your cardboard shapes to be the same size, cut one, then lay it over the top of your cardboard and trace around it with a marker. If you cut inside the lines, you should end up with the same sized pieces.

I like this idea, practical and basic and its effect is as much or as little as you like. <br>At this time of the year.... spot on. inexpensive and basic, I have been looking to make something bright. I have white satin, turquoise and sea blue. So my imitation, is a definite compliment to your idea.
This is art why not just tack bed sheet to your wall.

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