Fast, Easy and Cheap Wrist Rest





Introduction: Fast, Easy and Cheap Wrist Rest

I have just started a new degree in computers, not a university, but is something. I have to spend hours and hours in front of a screen and I don't have a proper desk to stay confortable with my keyboard. I don't have money, I'm spanish and the crysis is hitting us very hard.

So, I've just build this wrist rest, is cheap about 1€/$ (recycled materials) is easy to do, and you'll finis it in less than 5 minutes. Here we go!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

A pair of old socks, doesn't mind if they are ripped. Mine are made of wool, extra warm.
Duct tape
Thread and needle

Step 2: Patch the Holes With Duct Tape

Title says all flip the socks and path, you don't want all the rice on the floor.

Step 3: Filling the Socks

Flip'em again and put some rice. I filled half a sock, and I spent a whole box of rice. I said this project will be cheap, so I stopped pouring there, also I ran out of rice

Step 4: Finishing

Seal the "rice sock" with some duct tape and cover it with the "non-rice sock". I used the ripped sock as the "rice sock" because is uglier. I finished without sewing because i don't know how to sew at all, but i recommend to sew the end of the "non-rice sock" after covering the "rice sock" for a better finish.

Will be a great project with a pair of two new socks, instead of some worn out ones. But you know, money is the king...

BTW this is my first real 'ible, all comments are welcome



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Haha I loved this instructible because it's simple, and most importantly, humorous! :)

I especially like all of the photo comments. "bread (NOT NEEDED)" cracked me up. lol

Wow! This is perfect for my mom! Making one right now!

Great idea! Way to take something you have already and turn it into something else that's useful.

wow! The first instructable i have made, and the first person to comment is scoochmaroo!!

Thanks for the comment, is a must have, when you have to type a lot, all your joits suffer a lot of stress, and could get worse if you don't make anything to correct that. I have the new computer two weeks ago, and my elbow is start complaining and I say, no way.

BTW I really love your instructables! there are really good recipes on it, i'm tired of eating always teh same but with the crysis we only can effort 10€ a day, taht's practically nothing for 4 people. Wish things get better and SURE i'll make one of your recipes, i'm between the ice cream and the beef jerky, this one i want to taste it at least, once in my life, in Spain we don't make this.

Hm, you've inspired me to make a How to Eat on $10/day type Instructable. . . or guide, or ebook or something. PM me with any recipe ideas you really like!

and I LOVE beef jerky. I hope you get a chance to try it. I know beef can be expensive!

Good idea.