Picture of Fast hot glue mold for small things

Here I will show to you how to make a fast, simple and cheap hot glue mold to reproduce small things.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

You will need:

1. Some oil

2. Hot glue gun

Step 2: Preparing the thing

Picture of Preparing the thing
Oleo no objeto.jpg
Espalhando oleo.jpg

The small thing that you want to make a mold must support a temperature about 100 degree Celsius, that is the hot glue temperature.

I choose a half-dollar coin, but you could choose anything else.

First put the object above a smooth surface. Then spray a little oil on it and spread it evenly with a piece of cotton. Spread a bit around too.

Step 3: Making the mold

Picture of Making the mold
Aplicando cola 2.jpg
Molde quente.jpg

Wait for the hot glue heats well and slowly apply it above and around the object. Use your hand to push the glue rod inside the gun, to help the flux exit evenly. Try to avoid make bubbles (sometimes is difficult).

Step 4: Separating the object

Picture of Separating the object
Tirando do molde.jpg
Fora do molde.jpg

Wait until the glue cools well and carefully peel the mold out of the object.

Now you have a fine plastic mold with all the details of the object.

Step 5: Reproducing the object

Picture of Reproducing the object
Oleo no molde 2.jpg
Preenchendo o molde2.jpg
Preenchendo o molde.jpg
Epoxy no molde.jpg

Spread a little oil inside the mold.

Now fill the mold with the material of your choice. I choose epoxy, but you could use another material, like clay or acrylic resin.

Step 6: Finalizing

Picture of Finalizing

Wait for the material to harden and carefully retires it.

Make the finishing, cut the scraps and paint it, if you want.

Have fun!

SamanthaH28 months ago

can you use food? y'know like oreo cookies...

Georgemk1 year ago
Will it works If I use silicone?
Najmyman1002 years ago
would it work to create a clear dome
ilovegm3 years ago
that epoxy could have made a more durable mold.
hot glue is cheaper though
would i be able to reverse it? like use clay and use that as the cast, then put hot glue into that cast?
I think that it's possible. The clay must be a little more dry, maybe. Try it! Don't forget to tell me the result. :)
it worked OK. the mold was hard to get out so i left a little bit hanging out and then cut it off. the clay crumbled after about 5 uses, but it was worth it!
nice idea, I will remember this for the future!
kenobr1004 years ago
can you do both sides or is it too hard to do?
Lindsley (author)  kenobr1004 years ago
Yes, you can make both sides, but you have to make align marks and good oil lubrication between them.
LadyBoi4 years ago
I wonder if you could use this method for doing stamps? Just gluing the hot glue mold onto a piece of wood or cork... hmm, something to try...
Lindsley (author)  LadyBoi4 years ago
I think it would work. Maybe with silicone, perhaps...
blah424 years ago
would a army man work
Lindsley (author)  blah424 years ago
What is army man?
the little green action figure/ army guys
Lindsley (author)  blackdragon274 years ago
Maybe you have to make a two halves mold. It depends of the details of the object.
what can u use besides oil?
Lindsley (author)  blackdragon274 years ago
Any greasy liquid or maybe soap.
cefn4 years ago
So obvious in retrospect but I'd have never thought of it.

Another technique to add to the arsenal, thankyou.
Lindsley (author)  cefn4 years ago
You're welcome.
ziotech4 years ago
Super idea! Easy to follow instructions! Thanks!
Lindsley (author)  ziotech4 years ago
You're welcome.
Asmodeous4 years ago
hmm, is this borderline counter-fitting?
Lindsley (author)  Asmodeous4 years ago
LOL. It don't cheats anyone.
Robot Lover4 years ago
This is great! Just a tip, don't use bondo to fill the mold because the bondo mixed the excelerator will get so hot that it might melt the hot glue. 4.5*
Lindsley (author)  Robot Lover4 years ago
Thank you for the tip, but what is bondo?
It is a putty used for cars but can be used to fill molds. If you want a better explanation here is the wikipedia page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bondo_(putty) 
dchall84 years ago
I see some necklace pendants in my future. Thank you!!
Lindsley (author)  dchall84 years ago

You're welcome.
Lindsley (author)  theblinddonkey4 years ago

Thank you.
FrankenPC4 years ago
I think you just committed a felony ;-D

Seriously, that is cool. And easy to do.

I bet you could lay down a layer of glue on a warming plate, put down the object and lay another layer on top to create a complete mold. Just use a bit of oil on the bottom layer of glue so you can separate the two halves.
Lindsley (author)  FrankenPC4 years ago

OK. Now I see that the method that I describe could heat the half glue too. I will try to see if it works.
Lindsley (author)  FrankenPC4 years ago

LOL. Thanks
I think that the temperature could make some damage in the layer.
If you want to make a complete mold, you could also use a clay base in the middle of the object, make half of it and then turn on, remove the clay, mark some points, use the oil and make the other half.
scoochmaroo4 years ago
Wow, this is great! I never thought of doing this before. How many times can you use the mold before it deteriorates and loses detail?
Lindsley (author)  scoochmaroo4 years ago
I don't know, but if you use always the oil and don't heat the mold I think that it will be used several times. Anyway, it's so cheap, simple and fast, that you could make another mold always that you need.