Fast N Fancy Hot Braided Crescent Sandwich





Introduction: Fast N Fancy Hot Braided Crescent Sandwich

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This delicious FAST n EASY hot braided sandwich will impress your friends and win over your enemies.

Your company will swear they could never make a fancy braid like yours! Ha. You can either smile smugly or graciously give them the url for this instructable!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Ladies and gentlemen please start your oven at 375 degrees.


  1. 2 cans refrigerated crescent rolls
  2. sliced american or your fav cheese
  3. toasted sesame seeds
  4. your fav lunchmeat, I used smoked turkey
  5. optional 2 egg yolks, beaten

Step 2: Unroll Your Crescent Roll

  1. Open the can & unroll the dough into a rectangle on your cookie sheet or other pan. Press the perforations together. It doesn't have to be perfect, remember this is supposed to be FAST.
  2. Take a butter knife or whatever works for you, and cut some 'tabs' up one side & down the other, you will need approximately the same number on each side, leaving the middle uncut. It works out to 1/3's, the middle third is where you are going to layer your cheese & lunchmeat.

Step 3: Making the Braid

  1. Start at one end, see how it is folded one tab over the other. I start at the bottom & put down a right tab, then left, til I'm at the top. It's ok if the meat shows a bit in between the tabs. Kinda press the top tab down into the tab underneath as you work your way up. Don't worry if it looks a bit messy, see mine?
  2. Now would be the time to brush on some slightly beaten egg yolk over the top of the braids. I ran out of time so I skipped it, but it does make a richer crust. Very delicious, and a bit more fancy!
  3. Now sprinkle some sesame seeds over the top liberally.

Step 4: Wow I'm Impressed!

  1. Put the braids in the preheated oven for 15-25 minutes til nice & golden brown. Serve hot! Great with a salad. Your guests will rave over this fancy braid. Be sure they see it before you slice it.
  2. Our grandboys' favorite blessing: God is great...God is good...Let us thank Him for our His Hands we all are fed...thank you God for daily bread. Amen.

    Now wasn't that fast n fancy?



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    this is very fast to make!!!! throw it together and bake :)

    oh i did, i shared it with my brother de de licious!=D

    Ooo I could see this adapting this to be sweet or savory. YUM

    3 replies

    I could see a Monte Cristo version with turkey, ham, and strawberry jam...!

    This recipe is set to ruin my life it looks so good! Can't wait to try it!

    1 reply

    Penolopy I've been taking this to parties for several years now lol!!!! you are right, never any left over-

    thanks Jessy, it is so easy & delicious! There's never a crumb left over :)