Fast Way to Fold a T-shirt





Introduction: Fast Way to Fold a T-shirt

This is a simple tutorial to teach you how to fold your T-shirt
For this tutorial, you will need
a T-shirt

Step 1: Pinches

Step 1, find pinch 1 by drawing an imagination line across the middle of the t-shirt, and find pinch 2 by directly moving up the T-shirt and pinch the T-shirt on the shoulder seam, pinch 2 should be directly above pinch 1.  Pinch 3 is on the same line at the bottom of the shirt.

Step 2: The Folding

Step 2, bring pinch 2 to pinch 3

Step 3: The Flick

Step 3, the flick, bring pinch 1 up and away, and you can put down the t-shirt now

Step 4: Finish

Step 4, simply create a fold on the T-shirt that is symmetrical with the line between your original two pinches, and you are finished!!



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Holy smokes That video makes it look like some wonderful magic trick. Awesome.

Awesome! You just saved me tons of folding time in my lifetime!

That is just fantistic. Thanx a lot.

Cool, a southpaw folding shirts in the Japanese method!

I have been using this trick for many years after someone showed me the video that floated around the web for a while.

What is nice about this, is the creases in the shirt fall in such a way as to dissapear once unfolded and placed over your torso.

This is not always the case with the more common "fold the shoulders back and fold the rectangle into a square".

My favorite method of all you ask?

Take your your T shirt short or long sleeved, place it on a coat hanger and hang them up in your closet.

No creases, no arms flopping out of a folded up shirt :-D

Nice :) Or you could just get one of these lol:

I've signed up just to say how awesome this lifehack is! n_n

That's cool :) thanks :)

its awsome!!
I tried and it worked on d first try!!thnks

You may want to point out that you didn't come up with this method.

on my! this really works!!!! O.O

shouldn't the setup/flattening of the tshirt be included in the procedure?  'cause tshirts don't start out that way.  not to nit pick...

Fun and easy. Is this how they fold/ display t-shirts in shops?

3 replies

 That's the way they fold 'em, but they do it by hand everywhere I've seen.


I don't know about the US, but in Spain most shops fold their Tshirts without the gadget!

oh yes, you do

Well, while it is a faster way of folding a shirt so that the collar is centered, it really isn't any faster for my purposes. I mean, this is neat and all, but my kids just dig through their drawers and tip everything over anyway, so I just fold the shirts in half twice. I chafe at the time it takes to get the shirt out of the basket and straight enough to do even that, and this lil trick requires you to get it laid flat as well. Not a time saver here.

Mind you, if there's a chance that this could work for long-sleeve shirts, you'd have my attention. Those are a pain.

NOW thats wat i call foldin
Thanks for the great instructable dude

I've seen this on the OohTube, but could never figure it out.  Now I have to go and try this!! Thanks.