Fasten Magnets With Heat Shrink Tubing




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Introduction: Fasten Magnets With Heat Shrink Tubing

Magnets can easily be attached to many things using Heat Shrink Tubing. The tubing, designed to insulate electric connections, can be found in most hardware stores in the electric supply area.

This might seem like an obvious solution. Actually, it took a couple of years to come up with this after seeing velcro fail at holding pens in place at my daughter's pre-school. I tried Sugru and that wasn't working that great. This solution proved easy and looks clean. Too often it takes a long time to discover the obvious.

*Thanks for all the comments!

Step 1: Just Insert Tubing, Add Magnet and Heat With a Flame.

You can also use steam from a kettle (although it doesn't make the tubing shrink quite as much), or a heat gun, etc.

If one magnet doesn't hold well enough, you can add an additional one or two end-to-end to increase the holding force.



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    Great idea, but be careful! Magnets tend to not do very well with high heat. They can lose some of their strength when heated to high temperatures!

    Thank-you all for the kind and helpful comments. There are some really good tips among them.

    I'd really like to see what people come up with. So please share your images after you make something. Thanks again, William.

    Great idea. But I suggest using a heat gun, to avoid miscoloring of the heat shrink tubing.

    If no heat gun is available, I suggest using a gas fueled lighter instead of a candle, since gas burns cleaner.

    Thanks for sharing - very nice!

    Genius! I don't think the idea was that obvious-I've never seen anyone else suggest it before.

    Just to tickle everyone's imagination, realize that there's a whole variety of "heat-shrink materials" (and shrink tubing itself comes in a variety of widths, even up to 8" or more, and also see-through) that you might have a lot of fun figuring out different uses for. First, find out the varieties available, then let your imagination go.

    Very cool, nice concept!

    Great Idea!

    I will be doing this.... as soon as I find the pens that disappeared from the magnetic basket I bought to hold them.

    Kids, when you do this, don't let the tubing get too close to a candle flame or you'll end up with soot stains on your workpiece.

    Great idea! And it looks nice and clean. Thanks for sharing!

    Wow! Simple and brilliant! You just solved a few problems for me! Thanks!