Step 6: Disassemble, Sand and Finish

Picture of Disassemble, Sand and Finish
After I had everything fitting together ,and looking like it was going to work,  I disassembled the whole thing and began to get it ready for stain/finish.

First I sanded all components to remove any mill stamps, my pencil marks and any other imperfections that could be easily removed.  I only sanded to 120 grit,  take it to the level you see fit......more sanding/finer grit=nicer finish.

Then I stained everything with a wipe on stain, I think it was Minwax Provincial.

After allowing the stain to dry I began to apply the shellac, by brushing or padding on (I recommend padding after trying both), allowing to dry, lightly sanding  with 220 and re-applying until you achieve the finish you want.  If you do use shellac, beware it dries very quickly, which is great when working under time constraints (why I chose it), but makes it necessary to be very aware of drips/pooling, as you can't go back and brush it out once you get the whole piece covered.