Step 6: Disassemble, Sand and Finish

After I had everything fitting together ,and looking like it was going to work,  I disassembled the whole thing and began to get it ready for stain/finish.

First I sanded all components to remove any mill stamps, my pencil marks and any other imperfections that could be easily removed.  I only sanded to 120 grit,  take it to the level you see fit......more sanding/finer grit=nicer finish.

Then I stained everything with a wipe on stain, I think it was Minwax Provincial.

After allowing the stain to dry I began to apply the shellac, by brushing or padding on (I recommend padding after trying both), allowing to dry, lightly sanding  with 220 and re-applying until you achieve the finish you want.  If you do use shellac, beware it dries very quickly, which is great when working under time constraints (why I chose it), but makes it necessary to be very aware of drips/pooling, as you can't go back and brush it out once you get the whole piece covered.
<p>Me and my bf want to make a bed this summer (no screw, glue, nails). This tutorial seems great! Hope to be back here in a few months with the results. Thank you</p>
<p>Cool build. Wonder if I can pull it off with 1X boards. 2x boards are just too expensive in my country. In fact, my cheap bed frame is made with 1x boards, but it's a regular one. </p>
Had a blast making this one. Thanks for the guide!
<p>Lincoln Logs for grown-ups! I love this design. I've been looking for some bedframe ideas for my son who just moved out.</p>
<p>first off great instructable second off my box sprig just broke and i have a cheap metal frame so i decided to come on here to look for something and found this and i just wanna say i cannot wait to make this it looks awesome!</p>
<p>Awesome! Post some pics when you're done!</p>
<p>2 bent jigsaw blades 4 broken coping saw blades and about 2 3 weeks and its finally done :D</p>
This looks absolutely awesome - I'm going to get a chippy to make me one as I'm not handy enough to knock one up myself - I take my hat off to you!! Well done and thanks for sharing
I'm sure you could manage, really not that much to it. Where would you find a &quot;chippy&quot; anyway?
Thanks for the great design Zhoit, I just finished one of these and now my wife wants another! It is perfect for us because we couldn't fit queen size box springs up the stairs of our new house so our mattresses have been on the floor for 2 months. They had a sale on 2x4's so I just used six of those instead of plywood and it raised the mattress a little higher which was nice, it makes it easier to make the bed and harder to knock your elbows on the frame.
Awesome! Glad it worked out for you, and it looks great. You may want to try rubbing the joints with some paraffin wax if you find it squeaky. Mine got squeaky after finishing it with shellac, but a little wax and the problem was solved.

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