Fastest/ Best Way to Skin a Mango: 10 Second Mango Hack





Introduction: Fastest/ Best Way to Skin a Mango: 10 Second Mango Hack

Separate that sweet fruit from its skin in ten seconds! This awesome life-hack/ food-hack will save you time and maximize the amount of fruit you get from every mango.

Step 1: Watch This Video!

Watch this video to see me demonstrate first hand exactly how it's done!

Step 2: Cut Your Mango

Every mango has a pit at the center. So first things first, you'll need to cut as much fruit as you can from either side of your delicious fruit.

Note that for the purpose of this instructable I cut a small bit of the pit to show what I am talking about. No need to actually cut any off, just go right around it!

Step 3: Liberate Your Fruit!

Using a regular drinking glass, work the lip of the glass in between the skin and the fruit. Once there, apply downward pressure on your mango and allow the lip of the glass to slide along the inside of the skin. Within seconds your mango fruit will be sitting safely in the glass.

Step 4: Good to Go

As you can see from these photos, this technique will remove the maximum amount of fruit from the skin. It will leave you with a nicely shaped piece of mango that is ready to be cut or even eaten as is.

Step 5: Enjoy!

I hope this instructable comes in handy for you guys! If you have other food-related hacks and tips please leave them in the comments for myself and other readers to enjoy.

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This is brilliant, thanks so much for sharing! I always end up letting mangos sit till they get overripe because they're so hard to peel neatly. Now no more wasted fruit!

Why don't you just peel the skin off with a sharp knife then cut the exposed flesh away from the seed? That's how we do it in the Caribbean ...and we would know.? You can also peel the skin off and just bite into the flesh and discard the seed when all the flesh is gone ... Yummy!?

Besides the REAL mangoes are here in the Caribbean ... Endless varieties ... Endless possibilities!

Thank you for your feed back! I always love reading positive responses to my posts=]

Awesome for people like me. I love mangoes, but the sap from the skin causes a poison-ivy-like rash when I handle them. It's so frustrating to use a peeler or knife with gloves, and this will make it much easier to get the good parts out.

Man, I've worked as a prep cook throughout my college years and this trick would've save me a lot of time. I'd probably use a shaker (metal) cup since i'm afraid of breaking the glass with too much pressure.

Thanks for sharing, ey.

Using a glass for this is dangerous. I would a metal cup.

That's genius. I picked up some mangos and avocado for a salad. I'm going to try this. Way easier than cubing it.

Awesome, I voted and will try it next chance I get!