Fastest, Easiest Eggs and Bacon Ever





Introduction: Fastest, Easiest Eggs and Bacon Ever

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This breakfast is easy, plain and simple. You will have it prepped and ready before your oven is even done preheating. And the taste is amazing, once you see how easy it is you will want to cook this breakfast all the time.

Step 1: Prep

Preheat oven at 350.

Grab your muffin pan.

Spray nonstick to your muffin.

Grab bacon, eggs, (cheese too that's up to you)

Step 2: Put It All Together

First bacon,
Wrap the bacon around the sides of each muffin...what are they called? Pods, indentions I stick pods I guess

Second eggs,
Crack one egg in each muffin pod in the middle of the bacon

Optional cheese,
Add a pinch of cheese to each muffin pod

Step 3: Cook and Eat

Cook for 20 mins at 350

Your eggs will be so fluffy white and moist, they will be so delicious

I hope you enjoyed this instructable, and please check out my others on my home page.



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I have an odd question.. That ceramic heat pad in the background of the first picture (the eggs look very good by the way), does it happen to refer to Oma Desala?

1 reply

No I don't think so, I always thought it was referring to grandmother in German.

Nommy! Definately going to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing!

Tomorrow morning- done!


I have put a sausage patty on the top (the fully cooked kind) and its was also great, hope you enjoy let me know how it turns out

This looks so yummy and like something my family will love to eat. I'm thinking breakfast for dinner tonight just so I can try these out. Thanks for posting :)

I wonder if you could put half of a frozen hash brown in the bottom as a base. Looks great!!!

Turkey actually

is that bacon really beggin' bites or play-doh?

It's great isn't it?!

Do it! You won't be disappointed?! Let me know how you like it