Fastest FInger First Using Arduino (Max 6 Players)





Introduction: Fastest FInger First Using Arduino (Max 6 Players)

Hi there my name is Aditya and this is a follow up to my previous instructable check it out here -:

In my previous instructable i said i will publish a new one with max players if it gets up to 50 views, So here is it

Parts needed are-:

1. Arduino Uno (you can use any other arduino board the code may differ)

2. L.E.Ds 6x

3. Momentary pushbuttons 6x

4. Resistors 1k ohm 6x

5. Jumper Wires

The code is at the bottom or somewhere

Step 1: Simple As That

Upload the code to your respected Arduino board and connect all the wires where they need to be connected

See the image for connections

Step 2: How It Works

I explained how the code works check the previous instructable

I just declared more pins and wrote new if statements check out the code to see how i did that

If you have any questions ask them in the comment section -_-

I know there can be more players by using the arduino mega but you should have understood how to write the code



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i forgot to put the autodesk circuit link it is here