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Introduction: Fastest Free Flash Diffuser

In this instructable, I am going to show you how to create an extremely easy flash diffuser for your speedlight. May not be ideal in all stiatutions but it is very effective when you need it.

Step 1: Materials

You are going need 3 things. Speedlight flash, Scissors, and standard envelope. Oh and a subject to take a photo of :)

Step 2: Set Up

Make sure the empty envelope is sealed, and cut about an inch off the bottom.

Step 3:

Slip your speedlight into the open end, with luck it fits snugly. And voila You are ready to diffuse away!!!!

Step 4: Test Shot

Luckily this little guy agreed to get hit dead on with the flash. First shot without diffuser, and second one with it. Enjoy



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    I think a bubble wrap plastic folded like that envelope should do better.

    Yes there are many ways to do it. Just showing another way of doing so :)

    Wow! That's a big difference with such a small amount of work :)

    1 reply

    Thank you :)