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I built the bicycle from a used childen bicycle fame, and repainted in black. The two wheels are small and fat trolley tyres. And I redesigned the brake system.


rooney321 (author)2013-08-18

How did you mate a sprocket to the wheels? Can you publish the full instructions?

mr.incredible (author)2013-06-05

How is the gearing? Part of the mechanics of gearing on normal bike tires is size of the wheel itself. Those small wheels will have to spin 3 times as fast as normal wheels. Not much use if you have to peddle faster than you would walk.

Eeropei (author)mr.incredible2013-06-15

yeh, it is really not so fast, but must faster than walk

Mesquite Hugger (author)2013-06-05

Cool bike! Can you share some of the modifications you made to adapt the small wheels?

Eeropei (author)Mesquite Hugger2013-06-15

Thx! :) I will reply some pics to you later.

Kiteman (author)2013-06-05

It doesn't look easy to ride...

Hang on, does the back brake grip the tyre??

Eeropei (author)Kiteman2013-06-15

I am 175cm, 80kg, it is easy for me to ride

Yes, the back one is solid tyre.

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