Picture of Fate Teller for Fable 2
Ok so most of you who currenly are holding copies of Fable 2 in your hands have probably seen this trailer for the game

either that one or the live action one of the guy using the fortune teller

i decided it might be fun to have one to make my choices while i played

i didn't make one EXACTLY like the one in the adds but i think i came up w a good basic design feel free to alter the one i post (I'l probly put up some variations on here as it is)
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Step 1: Download

Picture of Download
I won't bore you with the details of the steps i went through to figure this out but it turns out that all the marks you put on a paper fortune teller are made on one side of the paper

i made this in illustrator the outer symbols are ancient symbols for the four elements w there names in Latin in an English and rune font the inner symbols are 2-4 in roman numerals

the innermost symbols aka the results for those i used eyes a normal human eye for a good choice and a lizard/demon eye for evil choice

Fate Teller.pdf(612x792) 120 KB

Step 2: Age: Optional step

Give a general description of the Stepi found a few methods for doing this:



the woman who made this method says it doesn't work well on normal printer paper but if your able to prin on parchment or want to do it yourself manually this is an effective method
ink crystals

Step 3: Now for the Oragami

Picture of now for the Oragami
(I will post images for this step as soon as i have some)

fold the corners along the gray lines to the back so that the elemental symbols all touch on the back

after that fold each of the eyes in half now you should have roman numerals on the front

fold in half vertically and horizontally unfolding after each

now you should be able to bring the for corners together into a point
This is a nifty idea. I'd never thought to put any thought into a paper prop from an advertisement.
Ward_Nox (author)  Erik Lindemann3 years ago
well in the special edition of the game there was plans to give you the tarot deck you get in game but it was killed at the last moment (so last momet some of the promos actually mentioned it
fable ii is great dude! great game, weak co-op
Ward_Nox (author)  phant0m_sp00f3ra6 years ago
yea cept mines been freezeing up recently
Bongmaster6 years ago
flip-flap :D
Ward_Nox (author) 6 years ago
yea i hve no idea why i felt the urge to make this but i thought it was cool i have the fable font now so I'll probably post a new version up