I like working with wood (as you can see if you look at some of my other instructables). So I wanted to pass on / introduce my 8 year old daughter to it when I recognized that she sometimes watched interested what I was doing.
I guess she also saw what results I could achieve with just some basic tools and what fulfillment I get out of it when my project comes out the way I expected.
She loves painting and crafting and she had seen a butterfly-project in one of her magazines which proposed doing the project with cardboard. As cardboard is not so durable, I proposed to pick up some crafting wood (thin laminated sheets of wood) at the home improvement store for this nice little father-daughter-project. Actually it was the first time she joined me in going to the store voluntarily and she got pretty excited (and I had to get some parts for
other projects anyways).

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

As this is a project you can do with your child, make sure to properly advise of the use of tools and supplies.

If things get too difficult for your kid, help out.
And sometimes you really just have to be cool and relax. Working with kids can be a challenge sometimes (but if you plan on doing this or another project with your kid, you'll already know this).

This is what you'll need:

- Paper
- Wood
- Acrylic paint
- String
- Wooden stick
- Wooden or plastic beads (several sizes and colors)

- Pencil
- Scissors
- Saw
- Coping saw
- Drill
- Clamps
- Pliers
- Needle pliers
- Needle

(I hope I didn't forget any important things, but if so, you'll see them on the pictures, too)
Awwwww. The great thing is that these little projects can be made from leftover scrap wood from other projects. I painted my daughter's room a light shade of pink and purple, definitely a nice combo. With us, if I have to spend a couple hours in the doll store, we compromise and she has to follow me around in the tool store.
great project ! Its always fun working with your kids, my daughters grew up working on cars and with wood tools along side their brothers and I, now that they are grown they have no fear of tackling home improvement projects by themselves. Thats not ALWAYS a good thing, my oldest daughter tore off the rotten siding and removed the sliding glass doors by herself but installing the new doors required her brother, myself and a friend. It does a dads heart good when his 14yo daughters favorite bday present is a toolbox w/tools.... props to you and your future boss...
Yeah. I always enjoy if my girl likes what I'm doing and if I can get here interested. It didn't work out for photography yet, but who knows. <br>And there's still stuff my Dad liked and I didn't. And I couldn't get him interested in my favorite pasttimes either. <br>Funny though that my Dad, now that he has seen that friends of him use the internet, all of a sudden is interested in browsing the web, too (he's retired now and I guess he may have some time to kill, too). So I gave him a hand in setting up his PC to safely use the internet :-)
Pretty butterfly and what a great project to do with your little girl, maybe she will be posting her own instructables soon.
Thanks for your comment. I just showed the instructable to my daughter. She's pretty proud to see that I have finally uploaded the butterfly to share with all of you. She's also amazed that so far, already 48 persons have checked out this instructable.

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