Introduction: Fathers Day Card

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Step 1: Front Cover

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The way I made my card, is to write "happy fathers day" on the card. Then I added some decorations and wrote encouraging phrases such as" go dad" and " your the best dad ever"

Step 2: Message

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On all cards you have to write a message! So on the left page when you open up the card I wrote a message. I had space, so at the bottom I drew a picture of the family. You will see what message I wrote on the picture.

Step 3: Describing Words

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On the right side( also known as the last page ) I wrote some describing words about my dad. Try to use optimistic words but you can say SOME negative things that are funny about him. In the picture you will see what I wrote.


cowlover12304 (author)2013-09-24

Thx @timwarneka

timwarneka (author)2013-06-22

Great job! Us dads love handmade cards. :-)

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