Father's Day Dessert Ideas




Introduction: Father's Day Dessert Ideas

This is what I am doing for Father's Day this year for my dad. It was cheap and will work very well.

Step 1: Cake Pops With Container

I bought a cake (really brownie, but same difference right?) pop mix from target. I am going to make them and put them sticking out of a container of red vines. I will have pictures of it after Father's Day when it is made.

Step 2: Dessert Bar

I also bought a no-bake desert bar mix and a can of decorating icing to write happy Father's Day on it. All this was pretty cheap and if there any leftover icing I get to eat it! Yum!

Step 3: Just a Note

I promise I was not paid to say this and none of the brands used are sponsors. I could blur them out and it would be the same, I just don't feel like it...



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