Fatting Up a Thin Client


Introduction: Fatting Up a Thin Client

I had acess to some Thin clients so I decide to fatting up one for my personal use.

Step 1: First I Open It Up.

Removed the 2 rear screws from the HP T5000 and pulled all the clip panels off. The cage is a metal shield just like your destops.

Step 2: Wireless

Right on top under the cage was the wireless Cisco card this works really well. it plugs into a right angel riser PCI card.

Step 3: 44 Pin Header

Ths is wear the 64 mb Win XP embeded was pluged in. I fould an old laptop and pulled the HDD + the cable. I then pluged it in.

Step 4: Connected

This is with the riser card and wireless installed with the hard drive.

Step 5: Final Assembly

Fold hard drive over cable to ensure hard drive doesn't short out against riser assembly or wireless card.

Step 6: Loaded XP

Loaded XP via USB CD ROM.

Step 7: XP Loaded

The system did not require any additional drivers after SP3.



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    How is the 2.5 IDE connected to a 44pin header? and from where does the HDD get power?

    1 reply

    I used an adapter from frys electronics 5 bucks and the power is robbed from the power supply plug in on the back. I have speed it up by using a ssd hdd and stripping the os now it is pretty clean and quick.

    (I know the comments on other pictures get also posted on the first one, thats annoying) Instead of this Wireless card you can also re-solder on of the USB ports with wires, to make it a internal USB port, connect a 2-port HUB, with one extension wire for USB going to the hole, and the other port connected to a dongle. Spares space, so you do not need to fat it up.

    A Small yet usefull desktop computer. You could use this as your home's Media Center.

    You can also use a USB Stick. But it's not as easy as a HDD. I first had no laptop HDD, but my dad came in the perfect moment with his old Worklaptop's old HDD and RAM, but the RAM didn't fit.

    It's still smaller then a Desktop PC.

    I wonder if light weight linux distro would be better than XP. Nice job.

    Do you know if this would this work on a Sun Ultra Thin Client 102?

    1 reply

    Spec wise it should work note the ram limts I removed a lot of processes that I was not using.

    so what were the specs before/after?