Step 8: The Fun and Messy Part

Picture of The Fun and Messy Part
Remove candy from pan.  Cut the sheet of candy into about 20 squares.  Here you can either leave the candy as squares, or take a square and roll it into a ball.  Take the piece of candy and spear it onto a fork.  Dunk the fork into the chocolate, coating all sides the best you can.   Shake off any extra chocolate.  Place the chocolate on a piece of waxed paper.  Sprinkle with chocolate jimmies (sprinkles) and let dry.
vxb2223 years ago
I too have been missing the Bordeaux chocolates, thought I'm a dark girl myself. I think by using the dark brown sugar that firefly68 suggested it would bring the right flavor and that the espresso powder wouldn't be necessary. I'm going to have to try these because I really can't justify spending $20 on a pound of chocolates to be mailed to me.

I'll post results on the experiment, and if it works you'll have the eternal devotion of both my sister and I.
firefly684 years ago
See's is one thing I really miss since moving to the east coast, and Bordeaux (milk choc covered) has always been my favorite. I'm having a little trouble with this recipe because Bordeaux is a brown sugar buttercream and I have never noticed any coffee or mocha flavor. But I'm going to try it, probably subbing dark brown sugar for the white, and if it's right I will love you forever!!