Picture of Faux Cement Garden Memorial
After my mother passed, I wanted a memorial to remember her.  Searching the internet I could not find anything for sale.  So off to the workshop to create my own.  For technique I found this video,, where he uses cardboard as a base and then covers it with tile grout.  Loved his use of drywall screws to hold it in place.  My project is smaller and I just used masking tape to hold the cardboard till I could cover it.  
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Step 1: Prep and Planning

Picture of Prep and Planning
My mother loved books and reading even after her eyes began to fail and she needed the services of Colorado Books on Tape.  So it was obvious that I wanted something to do with books as my memorial.  I considered a stack of books, but settled on an open book as my image.  Planning is essential even though the grout will cover a multitude of mistakes.  I didn't have any large sheets of cardboard and salvaged some old boxes before they ended up in recycling. 

Other materials are:
Masking tape
Tile grout
Rubber or neoprene gloves
Plastic bucket
Grey Primer

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
My trusty pocket knife, after sharpening, cut the curves easily.  Note the shallow cuts for ease of folding the cardboard.  Because I had only small boxes I added a double layer on the base for strength.  I made a list of all the pieces I needed so I could keep track of all the cardboard.

Step 3:

Picture of
Masking tape held everything in place before covering.  It's a little ugly in the first picture, but more tape cleaned it up so the grout didn't sink into the spaces.
myrrhmaid2 months ago

I love this! What a wonderful way to memorialize and celebrate your mother! Thanks for sharing!

l8nite3 years ago
nicely done. Grout isn't the greatest at being weather resistant, you may want to consider giving it a couple coats of polyurethane or acrylic to help make it last
sirmorrow (author)  l8nite2 years ago
Thanks, discovered this with my sprinklers. I've double coated as you suggest with urethane as well as sealed some cracks with silicone. since I painted it with primer grey I was able to repaint easily.