Picture of Faux Chipped and Rusted Enameled Metalwork
Whether or not your piece is made of metal, you can create the look of old enameled iron that has chipped and rusted. This is great for new metal pieces, statuary, clay pots, or anything you can think of. It only takes some spray paints, rock salt, and a soft paint brush.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Your decorative piece: small statue, resin wall hanging, etc..
Matte finish Brown spray paint
(optional) oil-based hobby paints in matte rusts, browns, reds, and yellows
Gloss spray paint in desired finish color
Gloss clear spray paint
One small detail paint brush
Rock salt
One soft painbrush (old cosmetic brushes work here too)
This is a nice technique, I like the tile you started with too.