Picture of Faux Copper Patina Paint Finish
I was building a bench power supply from an old ATX power supply, and wanted something unique. I went with a minimalist Steampunk theme.

Step 1: PREP

Picture of PREP
Paint Selection
  • Copper colored hammered finish spray paint
    • I wanted the varied surface that hammered paint has
  • Light moss (green) colored spray paint
    • for the patina
  1. Disassemble the power supply enclosure
  2. Remove any stickers and/or labels
  3. Lightly sand the enclosure
  4. Clean to remove dust
gman18812 years ago
Love the idea of gining an atx supply some character
warspyder (author)  gman18812 years ago
Thank you for the comment.
jimmytvf2 years ago
wow! great and easy effect to do! great job my friend!
warspyder (author)  jimmytvf2 years ago
Thank you for the kind comments. Light blue paint can be used instead of the green.