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Do you want to tease your friends from far away, with your "diamond ring"? If so, keep reading to learn how to make this cheap, easy conversation starter!
You will need
Small pliers
Wire cutters
Tapered pole
A snugly fitting ring

Step 1:

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The materials I used:
I used an old spindle from my redone staircase. This tapered nicely. 
The wire I used was from my local craft store. I got it for ~$5
I got a small tool-kit for christmas and it came with a mini pair of pliers and a wire cutter so I was good to go.
The ring I got was my grandfathers, when he was my age

Step 2:

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Cut a bit of your wire...

Step 3:

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Slide your ring down the tapered pole. Push until the ring fits snugly on the pole. Lower the ring down to the thinner side, and mark where the ring fit best with a pencil.

Step 4:

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Bend your wire over the pencil mark.

Step 5:

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Twist the wire tightly until it feels stiff to twist.

Step 6:

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Twist the ring until its extent, until it breaks, or cut the twist with the wire cutters.


Givver112 (author)2013-02-21

Haha I forgot to mention that the wire has to be the cheap panted silver wire. Good full-copper wire would be too stiff and won't reveal the silvery "diamond"

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