Picture of Faux Granite Table

This paint process can transform a discarded and worn out piece of wood into a thing of beauty. I am a grandmother without any artist background so if I can do this anyone can.

The beauty of paint is that it can always be changed and just about any surface can be painted. I have chosen a beat up table that I found next to an apartment dumpster. It had definitely seen better days.

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List of materials:

Pint can of Matte Black Primer Paint
3 or 4 Acrylic craft paint bottles (all from same manufacture so they are compatible)
1 sheet of black craft poster board
1 table or other surface to paint
1 package of multiple grit wet or dry sandpaper
Sanding block (optional use a simple block of wood with sandpaper taut against it)
Orbital sander or palm sander (optional – for faster sanding)
Large sea sponge (available in craft stores)
Scissors to cut sea sponge into thirds
Small can of polyurethane
Small sponge roller unit or ultra fine with paint tray one extra fine roller cover
Liner brush to add veining (optional)

Your project can be a dining table, living room table set, bedroom dresser or any piece of furniture with a fairly flat surface.

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Step 1: Selecting your project

Picture of Selecting your project

Find a discarded item table or other with flat surface top.

I found mine next to the dumpster but you can find very inexpensive items in a thrift store that have seen better days. Also check your local ads, Penny Saver or Craigslist for freebees or an ultra cheap piece.

lmjagiello8 months ago

I tried this before but your table knocks it out of the park!

inklayer (author)  lmjagiello8 months ago

Wow, thank you so much! Wish me luck in the "Paint it" contest.

jessyratfink8 months ago

I would have never thought to try this - I love how you can get so much character only out of paint :D

inklayer (author)  jessyratfink8 months ago
Using high quality paints with minerals added you can even use similar methods in things such as your kitchen or bathroom counter tops that will withstand the test of time with proper care. The highest quality of water based polyurethane that I have found is made by Benjamin Moore.