Picture of Faux Silencer
how to make a fake silencer

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Step 1: Getting Materials And Tools

Picture of Getting Materials And Tools
Gather these items:
  • An Airsoft pistol of your choice
  • Metal Conduit
  • A Highlighter
  • & two CD's
  • Tissue
  • A rotary Tool or a drill and preferably a press of some sort
  • Super glue or a strong glue like it
  • A 3/32" drill bit
  • Needle Nose pliers
  • A saw frame
  • A saw blade (for cutting metal jewelry blades work like charms)

Step 2: Preping the highlighter

  • Get your highlighter.
  • Remove the back of it .
  • Take out the ink cartridge.
  • Flip your pen around remove cap the proceed to pull out the felt tip .
  • Then cut of a piece of the nozzle 3/8" is left.
  • Then with you drill or rotary tool drill six columns of holes around the case of the highlighter.

Step 3: Getting your conduit

Picture of Getting your conduit
  • First measure the straight section of your highlighter.
  • Then grab your uncut section of conduit and mark on it how long it needs to be.
  • Get your saw and frame and proceed to cut off your conduit piece

Step 4: Cutting your end caps

Picture of Cutting your end caps
  • gGet your CD's .
  • Measure your conduit onto the center of your CD's and mark with a writing implement.
  • Drill a hole on the edge of your line.
  • Then proceed to cut with your saw.

Step 5: Assembleing and finishing

Picture of Assembleing and finishing
  • Get all your parts and your super glue.
  • Get your highlighter case and wrap your tissue paper around it so it is as flat as possible.
  • Then slide into your conduit twisting as you go.
  • Then glue on your end caps and depending on how clean your cuts were you may need to sand the edges of your end caps but i didn't so you might not have to.
  • Get your paint of any choice probably black and get it to match your guns finish.
  • your done
Pbyrd7 years ago
Well this is ilegal because this isnt a fake silencer as you say it is, it's a real one.
I wouldn't make these anymore because of that reason. But still a good instructable. I just wanted to let you know that these are real so you wouldn't get into trouble making these.
As long as it has blaze orange on the tip its not illegal.
not illegal anyway, just highly advised :P
daelans Pbyrd6 years ago
its not like it can silence an airsoft gun that much, unlike real guns, airsoft doesn't propel bullets using expanding gasses caused by an explosian. a silencer works by dispelling these gasses (to make it simple) and in an airsoft gun (every single one ive seen in reakl life, even ones i didnt use) , one, did not shoot like this, and to most of the noise came from inside the gun. therefor this cant silence an airsoft gun very much, possibly a gas a little bit, but mostly just muffle, there for is a muffler not a silencer.
it's not illegal if it can't be used on a real gun. he used fragil cd's that would break away if used on a gun. the atf couldn't charge you with any crimes.
I have a Giock 17 but a painted it.
nov 2010 060.jpg
cyprian916 (author)  zombiekiller424 years ago
very nice. yeah i was happy with mine.
Mine is a cyma.
sharlston6 years ago
in the last step it looks like a pink co2 cartridge with holes in it lol
daelans6 years ago
is there supposed to be sound in the video?
daelans6 years ago
i have a question, hows it attach to the gun, does the highliter slip in the barrel? cause that would block BBs, i already have a silencer but the tip of the gun i want it on is not threaded so i need to know how to attach it straight.
TyIslander6 years ago
what size conduit do you use?
footer06 years ago
My glock 23 serial number is the safety :P
where'd you get the pistol?