Picture of Faux Stain Glass
Here are instructions for creating faux stain glass artwork from waxed paper and sharpies. This idea was first floated on Pintrest but I found the instructions and comments to be confusing and contradictory. I hope these instructions provide some clarity for other crafters. Good luck and happy crafting.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Sharpies of various colors; Wax paper (standard household works fine); Ruler, Cartoons (line art of your desired design); Clear tape; Scissors; Pencil
peg.barker.911 months ago

I would love to be able to teach this to 4th graders for a craft project. I am allotted an hour and would have to provide my own materials so this seems to fit the bill.

Beautiful drawing :D
jojo53532 years ago
I'm interested in this, but the photos didn't display ( only ible that this happened to). Could you please re-load the photos? Thx