I wanted to experiment with using acrylic paint and regular glass to make "stained glass". I have worked with the stained glass and it's a lot of fun, and you can be very creative.  But recently, I have become more interested in recyling available materials, and making do with what I have.  Picture frame glass is plentiful at garage sales all the time, and is very affordable.  I have tons of acrylic paint collected and used thru the years, so why not combine the two and see what happens?  Hence this instructable. 

Step 1: Obtain a Pattern (Or Design One)

To demonstrate the effectiveness of my "faux stained glass", I chose the owl pattern.  This can be obtained from the website:http://www.glasscrafters.biz.  It's always possible to design and draw your own creation, as well. I make a minimum of two copies of each pattern...makes layout much easier, and is a necessary step in the procedure.
<p>Thank you for making this! My grandfather that past away last year did alot of stain glass for family and his church and I wanted to start it but I was too young. Now I would really like to try it and this has the basics of it.</p>
<p>You are welcome, it is a good basic technique and am sorry your grandfather won't see your work.</p>
He also painted and took photos. I might also try those He would have been proud that I am doing some of his hobbies.
That's awesome!! How big is it? Which is the size?
Thanks...see step 6.
I like it. Not what I expected from a &quot;faux&quot; technique. The brush strokes are much more noticable when it's back-lit, but without the light box it looks just like a mix of Kokomo colors. This technique could be really useful when I just *can't* find the right color (ahem, I never have the right PINK!). By integrating different types of acrylic paint (metallics, glow-in-the-dark, etc.) a lot of really cool effects could be obtained. Great 'ible!
I didn't think it would allow as much light as it did because of the opacity of the colors, I was surprised by the lightbox picture. Beautiful work.&nbsp;
Thanks, boom. Cman<br />
Very Pretty!
Thank you!<br />
This looks so fun!&nbsp;<br /> Do you have any tips for someone that is just starting out with this kinda stuff? I've been looking for something new to do, and this looks like just the ticket!&nbsp;<br />
Thanks for your interest.&nbsp; I learned by taking classes, reading books, and now, of course we have the internet...best advice: just start!&nbsp; Good luck. Cman<br />
Nice 'Ible! Love the way your light box turned out. Well done.
Thanks chabias! Cman<br />
This is very cool!&nbsp; It's hard to tell it's not real stained glass.&nbsp; Nice job!
Thanks alot tbird! Cman<br />
This is one of your best ible's ever, I love it!
Thank you so much, NB! Good to hear from you, as always. Cman<br />

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