Step 4: Step #4 more paint

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So now is time to paint. Using a foam brush and paper plate for your palate, paint your metallic acrylic paints however you want. Again, we are on the inside, stay within the lines now! 
I used metallic acrylic paints for two reasons.
First, it looks more authenticly like stained glass and second is provides more privacy.
The metallic properties have a two way mirror effect when used this way. They reflect light when a person is looking in, therefore blocking any view to the inside and not reflecting light for the person on the inside. Letting us see who is outside our door.
You can use any technique you like, but making wavy streaks and splotching will enhance your stained glass fake-out.
Let dry.
You are now done. How easy.  

KimH382 days ago

I want to use puffy paint for this purpose also, does it have to be "sealed" so it stays on the glass? like perhaps when i am finished going over it with a clear polyurathane or something?

porklips (author)  KimH382 days ago
In my experience I have not had so seal it. I always painted the inside so the weather wouldn't bother it. It is pretty much waterproof unless it gets soaked. If you want to permanently keep your design then sealing it might work but I would recommend just letting your paint dry and not worry about it.

How much scrubbing is necessary to remove the paint so you can repaint?

porklips (author)  redleopardsmile5 months ago
There will be a some scrubbing. I found it easier to wet a sponge with soap and water and get the paint moist, then go at it with a plastic putty knife. It is removable and I have reapplied several times but there will be a bit of scrubbing like I said.
Excellent! Looks like something I have to give a try.

Would have loved to see how much light comes inside the home from the sunlight with these paints. All in all looks great and thank you.